What our guests think… (by Lottie, aged 13)

Castle View is the Crème de la Crème of Lancaster Holiday Cottages – and don’t just take our word for it!

Just a year ago, Castle View first opened its doors to guests after fourteen months of rigorous planning, designing and building in the hopes of becoming a modern and homely holiday cottage. And, judging by the wave of many good reviews and five star ratings the cottage boasts on Airbnb, along with many bookings from countries all over the world (America, Australia, China and Malaysia to name just a few), it is safe to say that the effort put into the making of it has certainly paid off!

The spot where Castle View now stands 14 months before building started!

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How Castle View came about… (by Lottie, aged 13)

When you see Castle View, it is hard to imagine it any other way than the contemporary and unique cottage it is today. However, the original design plans for this place were far from a holiday let. At first, this place was to be converted into a bike shed, then later an art studio; which of course would need a sink and a chair and maybe a sofa bed to accommodate guests. Before long, the prospect of a studio was abandoned and the idea of converting the space into an Airbnb arose, and so the plans were made to build a cottage amongst the already hectic building site around the (now completed) Marshrange.


With help from Harrison Pitt Architects and JT Constructs, a floor plan was drawn up and construction was soon underway. They all did a fantastic job on Castle View, and even managed to bring my idea of “bed in a cupboard” to life which worked perfectly on limited space and achieved a minimalistic yet bold look to the place.


They all did a fantastic job on Castle View, and even managed to bring my idea of “bed in a cupboard” to life


We also found that the shortage of space could be used to our advantage in order to give Castle Views’ signature cosy feel and innovative layout, complete with an authentic fireplace and sheepskin rugs. However these traditional touches in Castle View also mix with more modern features, such as a flat screen TV, Loaf furniture and remote control blackout blinds.


And the cottage’s quirks do not stop at that. Upcycled scaffolding planks have been used as floorboards, and the sawdust from the scaffolding wood was mixed with PVA glue to fill the gaps. Stone from our old garden porch was even used to build the very walls of the house along with bricks from a recently demolished church in Rossendale. The cottage also takes pride in sporting locally sourced furniture and upholstery such as the window seat tweed fabric from Pendle Hill.


As you can see, Castle View is well worth a visit and I hope you will love staying there as much as we loved designing and building it.


Lottie Natusch. Age 13.